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Why do we get left behind again. SDSU to the Big12

If this is true, the SUDS jumped out of MWC to the Big12  leaving us behind, again!  How are they actually better?  We got them faded on football and out BB team is very close to them.  Sigh.  I see nothing in ESPN yet.  Anybody see anything about this?

Looks like Chris Vannni could have been a little clearer.  I saw a X from a SUDS fan with the Big12 logo but some chatter that it was for lacrosse.  I did a google search and the aztecs site refers to lacrosse.

Now I feel better, who cares now?  The SUDS can't even fill their new stadium, which is smaller than  Albertsons Stadium, on game days.  Nobody hardly watches SUDS football when on network TV, we get the eyeballs.

Go Broncos!

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Railroader - remember, conference realignment has little to due with the quality of the programs. It is being driven by media market and viewership. SDSU is in the San Diego/LA is more attractive than the Boise market....