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Update on Idaho State softball team

So far this season the Idaho State softball team is off to a 10-1 record.

In case you don't recall the Idaho State softball team coaches are:

Andrew Rich - Former Boise State assistant softball coach as recently as 2021.  And two of his three Assistant coaches are former Boise State softball players Rebekah Cervantes and Kelsey Broadus.  Cervantes was also a Volunteer Coach for the Boise State softball team in 2021.

No matter who you are playing when your team starts out the season going 10-1 that HAS to impress you.  If it doesn't then check your pulse - you may be dead.

P.S.  Last season Idaho State's softball team won the Big Sky Regular Season championship in Rich's 2nd year there at Idaho State.

Broadus was the dominate pitcher we had when we last made it to Regionals right? Hopefully they keep rolling there in Poky and maybe someday we will see them come back as future HCs here.

Yes, Kelsey Broadus was the winning pitcher in both wins - she pitched all 14 innings - over Stanford at the 2019 NCAA first round Gainsville tournament.  She also pitched the first four innings of the last game of the 2019 season for Boise State in their 5-0 loss to Florida.  That was when Broadus was a Junior at Boise State.  Her last season at Boise State was the 2020 season.