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Men’s Basketball Scholarships

how many basketball scholarships does BsU men’s basketball have to offer including Jace Whitings?

if I recall correctly, Max Rice, Cam Martin, Mo Sylla, and Sam Winter(?) are graduating.  Add Jace and that is 5.  We have 2 coming in, Bowie and Carmichael.  By my count that would leave 3.  Unless I am missing something..

I’m not certain, but thought Max Rice didn’t need a scholarship due to being son of coach Rice.  If correct, that would leave 4 overall (and 2 if Bowie and Carmichael take the other 2).

BJ said he was…

Rains: As Broncos build ‘super team’, there are 29,000 reasons why Max Rice should stay on scholarship

I don't think Sam Winters would be on scholly.  With Kobe Young leaving I think we have 3 scholly's to give.

BJ reported that Kobe Young has entered the Portal.  Strangely enough he also reported that Young is interested in joining the football team as a WR.  Apparently he was a top WR during high school in Washington State.

It also reported that Cardeneas from SJSU visited Boise State.  He was a PG, intersting.

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I think now we have 2 scholarships left now that we have Cardenas.

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Yes we do. How do you use them?  One has to be on a post player. The last on the best available who fits Leon’s system?

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Well now we need to add another player with Agbo gone.  That’s 3 more players.  I hope there are no more portal departures.  Go Broncos!