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SDSU game recap

Sucks losing a game by 20 but it was about the perfect recipe for disaster tonight on our end. On top of Shaver being out, we got exposed with lack of depth at PG and lack of size on the post. Whiting is solid but is not near the calming sense Shaver brings with ball handling. Kuzy tried his best at times playing the point but like Whiting, just not comfortable when it comes to breaking the press if he's forced to dribble more than a few feet. Degenhart picking up 3 early fouls in the first half was a killer as well. Essentially played a full half without our 2 best players. Agbo had a rough night from the field but was able to get himself to the FT line which was nice. It seems like he is trying hard to not be a one dimensional player on offense. I really did think Milner gave us some hope on the inside tonight but just wasnt consistent enough to do more damage. In a struggle for our team offensively, Max had another solid game getting 16 points. Even more impressive when you consider he didn't make a 3 point shot all game and only had 2 FT attempts.

I hated being the debbie downer coming into this game but felt like even if we were at full health that this wasn't a good matchup for us style wise. We dont have the length like we did last season with guys like Akot and Armus to be able to hold our own on the post. Deggie and Naje simply couldn't handle the size and its not really their lack of effort. Sometimes there's just nothing you can do. I hope with the week off we are able to get Shaver back healthy. Without him this offense just has no flow really. I know our guys will be motivated to bounce back. This isnt a sign of us being "frauds" like some others have quickly tried to call us. Really bad game but I know Leon will have the guys ready for Wyoming next weekend. Need to come out and support them!

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