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Jace Whiting signs with


Roddie is now gone.  The BB team is gonna look very different next year.  Whiting, Agbo, now Roddie....

There are now 4 available scholarships on the BB team.  Hopefully Leon and Co. can act quickly and get some good players.  Tenuous times!

Is that after the addition of the San Jose State guard?  The 4 available scholarships that is.   I'm not familiar with basketball scholarship details but is there a limit on how many they can give out per year like in football?

Each D1 BB team is allowed 13 scholarship players.  To the best of my knowledge we currently have 9 players on scholarship:  Stanley, Degenhart, Lockett, Keene, Ugbo, Meadow, Carmichael,  Bowie and Cardenas.  That currently leaves 4 scholarships remaining.  The team currently have Vince Barringer and Alex Martin as walk-ons.

Members of last year’s team that have moved on:  Anderson, Agbo, Whiting, and Young (portal).  Rice, Sylla, Cam Martin, and Winter (graduation).

I can't say that I know much about UNLV's roster.  Is he going to play alot more there than he was playing here?  I kind of figured he might go big sky and be a starter for one of those schools