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Boise State vs. Northwestern opened in Vegas as an even bet

Northwestern is now a 1 1/2 point favorite.

Nevada is a 2 point underdog to Arizona State

Utah State is a 1 point favorite over Missouri

San Diego State is a 5 1/2 point favorite over Charleston

Does the play-in game count as a tourney win?  Of course, going 4-0 would be sweet for the conference and make it easier for selection in future years.

On another note.  If San Diego State departs for another conference there would still be some good programs remaining, but no flagship basketball team.  IMO

Go Broncos!

This can be the game thread. Horrible start already, down 17-8. I may be checking out early.

38-32 Northwestern at half. Shaver is done, tore up his ankle. We are probably toast.

Shaver is back and he has to be juiced for the pain.

It seems like nobody cares to comment on the game.

One last observation and basically I am done with commenting on this board till maybe football season.

Another typical Rice led team.  Complete choke job at the end of the season and the NCAA's.  Rice is a nice guy and he wins lots of games, but rarely the games that matter.  Yes, won the conference and the championship last year, but flopped.  Flopped in the NCAA just now.  He is not the guy to lead this team going forward.  He does not have any mojo, toughness, or true leadership to inspire this team.  He cannot develop his bench, let alone a true big post player.  Milner is a lightweight, not capable of holding his own.  I know folks raved about Malmus (sp), but he wasn't all that impressive.  Rice's bench players can't even play with any consistency and basically the starting 5 is wore out by the end of the season.  I know his recruiting has improved, we have some great looking guys coming in, but Rice will not change his style.  It will be more of the same, great start, and dragging finish next season.  It is time for Rice to hang it up and Dickey find us a BB coach that can actually develop a whole team, bench and big man.  Until then, enjoy the 20 win seasons and flopping in the NCAA's.

That's all folks, and good night.

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Perry Sorenson

Sorry I could not comment.  Was in flight the entire game.  The MW was 1-3 today.  Hardly the breakout we hoped for.  With SDSU departing for the PAC, will the MW ever win another game at the big dance?

As for Boise State, I am not a fan of roller coasters.  Get me on board, take me for a ride, raise expectations then the big drop.  Did I mention I am not a fan of roller coasters? I will not bash these fine young men, I am stating my angst for roller coasters.  Get off the coaster for the summer, then hop back on again next year.  I’d rather take a nice long train ride.
Congrats for a successful season to the starting 5, they played better than expected.  But, if they are expected to ascend to the top, they HAVE to have a better team.  Go Broncos!