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Boise State softball gets their 1st verbal commit for 2024-2025

Her name is Shannon Keighran.  She will be a 2024 H.S. graduate and attends Saint Francis H.S. in Mountain View, CA.

She is a RH Pitcher who - to date - has compiled a record of 21 wins vs 1 loss in the last two H.S. Softball seasons (2020-2021 & 2021-2022) in 34 appearances.  Her two year combined E.R.A. is 1.21 with a 0.92 E.R.A. last season.

She is not to be confused with the three known Boise State softball commits for the 2023-2024 season, i.e., 2023 H.S. graduates.

Leah McAnally – C/1B/3B – 2023 HS Graduate – Edmond Memorial H.S, - Edmond, OK.

Skylar Stroh – SS/2B – 2023 H.S. Graduate – Heritage H.S. Brentwood, CA. - Same H.S. As 2022 Boise State signee Kasey Aguina

Abigail Dowell – LHP/1B – 2023 H.S. Graduate – Iowa Park H.S. - Iowa Park, TX.

Wow.  Good research.  Schultz and staff are bringing them in.  Also, probably see more quality transfers.

It's a bit confusing (to me at least) regarding how many recruits can be brought in after the 2023 season is over.  I say that because the current Boise State roster lists two fourth year Seniors (Kelsey Hall and Autumn Bennett) as well as two RS Seniors (Kylie Baumert and Serena Hutchinson) and one 5th year Senior (Lindsey Walljasper).   But I think four of those five will have the option to return for the 2024 season IF they want to do so.  I believe the only one who doesn't have that option is Lindsey Walljasper.

Also it appears to me that Baumert being listed as a RS Senior is possibly incorrect.  I say that because she was listed on the 2022 C.S.I. softball team roster as a "RS Sophomore" last spring.   Which would make her a RS Junior for the 2023 season at Boise State.

And Kelsey Hall also appears (to me) to be incorrectly listed as a "Senior" as she is listed in her bio for the 2022 season as a "Redshirt Sophomore".  So how did she go from RS Sophomore last spring to Senior for the 2023 season?  She started 23 games for Fresno State in 2020 (the season that was cancelled) and played in only 3 games in 2021 before suffering a season ending injury (which counts as her Redshirt year) before transferring to Boise State where - again - she was a RS Sophomore last spring.  By my count Hall has TWO more years of eligibility AFTER the 2023 season - if she wishes to utilize them.  2024 would be her RS Senior year and then there is the extra year of eligibility for the cancelled 2020 season IF she wants to use it.

I think you are correct on everything.  However, there might be some uncertainty on Baumert.  I don't know exactly how playing another sport affects eligibility.  Kelsey Lalor played two years of basketball (plus one redshirt year) in Canada, then transferred here to play three more years of softball.  Baumert played two years of volleyball at CSI,  then played two years of volleyball at USC, then played one year of softball at CSI. So it is really hard to calculate her remaining eligibility.

You are right on that to a point but the key (IMO) is the fact that her volleyball at U.S.C. (the last season) and her last season of softball at C.S.I. were in the same academic year, i.e., she  played her last volleyball at U.S.C. in the fall semester last year and her last softball at C.S.I. last spring.    She did miss one season of softball when she was at U.S.C. (as U.S.C. for reasons unknown to me) does not have a softball team.  So that would have been her redshirt year for softball.

What I'm unclear about is that during the 2020 season her C.S.I. softball team only played a total of 22 games in the winter/spring of 2020 and the rest of their schedule was cancelled due to the virus.  BUT because she was at C.S.I. does that mean she has the extra year of eligibility remaining after the 2023 season?   I think it does.  But I HAVE been wrong before.

As her softball playing days this is how I have it:

2019 - She played as a True Freshman for C.S.I. in a full season of softball

2020 - She played as a True Sophomore for C.S.I. for the cancelled 2020 virus season

2021 - While at U.S.C. she did not play softball, i.e., a redshirt year for her in Softball

2022 - She transferred from U.S.C. back to C.S.I. and played as a RS Sophomore for C.S.I. (and was listed as a RS SO on their 2022 roster)

Fall of 2022 - She transferred to Boise State and will be a RS Junior in Softball for the upcoming 2023 season

2024 - She would be a RS Senior in softball but this would also be her 6th year of eligibility (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 & 2024) so she'd also be a "Super" Senior if she chooses to use that eligibility.