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April 4, 2022 article on planned updates to Boise State athletic facilities

50 weeks ago there was an extensive article/press release by Boise State which outlined the plan for updates to all of the Boise State athletic facilities including Huber Field at Dona Larsen Park.   Can anyone here provide an update on how this plan for updates to Huber Field have progressed to date?

Here is a link to the article from April 7, 2022:

And here is a list of the planned updates to Huber Field from that article/press release from April 7, 2022.  I'd be most interested to know the status of the three in Bold print listed below:

9 | Dona Larsen Park


  • Key Recommendations:
    • Dedicated Programming Space: Track & Field / Cross Country (Ed Jacoby Track at Dona Larsen Park)
    • Covered and/or Indoor Hitting Bays (Huber Field at Dona Larsen Park)
    • Turf Playing Surface (Huber Field at Dona Larsen Park)
    • LED Lighting (Huber Field at Dona Larsen Park)
    • Fan Amenity Upgrades
    • Future Video Board Installation

Well the new score board up which is really first class.  I would think lights would be the next big step so we can compete in evening games in the spring and new MW tournament.

For some reason I seem to remember an article last fall (or thereabouts) about plans to install lights on Huber Field.  I thought that article was one of the ones about a million dollar donation with that purpose in mind.   But I can't seem to locate that article again.  I also find it hard to believe that it would cost a million dollars to install LED lighting for a softball field.

There apparently was a problem as there still are no lights there.

As to the new softball scoreboard unless I'm mistaken I believe that scoreboard was an old scoreboard from Bronco Stadium that was re-purposed and moved to the softball field.

Lights can’t cost more than 3-400k.   But yes it was repurposed. Looks great at the softball field.

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