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The 24 team promotion and relegation proposal

Interesting article on this here that begins with a quote from a Boise State associate athletic director:


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I like it, I just don’t think the university presidents will.  Thinking outside the box though.

I agree actually.  After reading a bit on this proposal I think the chances of this happening are about the same as me winning the Powerball Lottery without buying any tickets.

The FAR more likely scenario IMO is the PAC 2 and the Mtn West merge but retain the PAC 12/14 name.

I don't think it is likely but if a TV network wanted it and would pay for it then I could see it happening. Otherwise tho I don't really see the pac surviving. Even if they keep the name it won't be considered a power conference and TV deal wise I don't think they'd get offered any more than a MW conference that has WSU and OSU. Also I wonder if WSU and OSU would have to share the left over cash from the pac if the 2 conferences merged under the pac name. Those 2 schools might just think letting the conference die and pocketing the money from it is the best idea.