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Reviewing the 2022 Boise State football recruiting class (to date)

So far, by my count, Boise State added 22 new players to the Boise State football team for the 2022 season.  With one player who is known to be grayshirting next fall.

New signees who are already enrolled and attending Boise State right now: - 11

QB - Sam Vidlak - RS Freshman - Transfer from Oregon State

RB - Ashton Jeanty - True Freshman

TE - Austin Terry - True Freshman

OL - Cade Beresford - RS Senior - Transfer from Washington State

OL -  Kage Casey - True Freshman

DE - George Tarlas - RS Senior - Transfer from Weber State

DE - Deven Wright - Junior - Transfer from Gulf Coast C.C.

DE - J. J. Tao - True Freshman

DT - Braxton Fely - True Freshman

DT - Cortez Hogans - Junior - Transfer from Snow J.C.

P - James Ferguson-Reynolds - True Freshman


2022 Signees who will not be joining the Boise State football team until next fall: - 11

QB - Maddux Madsen - True Freshman

WR - Zomondre Merriwether - True Freshman

TE - Jayden Virgin - True Freshman

OL - Roger Carreon - True Freshman

OL - Hall Schmidt - True Freshman

OL - Tyson Molio'o - True Freshman

CB - Dionte Thornton - True Freshman

LB - Jake Ripp - True Freshman

LB - Dishawn Misa - True Freshman

LB - Gavin Hambrick - True Freshman

S - Keenan McCaddy - True Freshman


2022 Signee who is said to be greyshirting next fall: - 1

WR - Prince Strachan - True Freshman

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IF we assume that Gabe Hunter is, in fact, a walk-on at Boise State then I count a total of 39 players on scholarship on offense and 39 players on scholarship on defense and 3 players on scholarship on special teams RIGHT NOW ON CAMPUS.   Adding those figures up we get a total of 81 scholarship players on campus at Boise State right now.  With 11 more scholarship players scheduled to join the team next fall.  Eighty-one plus eleven of course equals ninety-two scholarship players.   So at LEAST seven current scholarship players will have to be let go (or choose not to return) between now and next fall.

However that DOES include so-called "Super" Seniors such as:

OT - John Ojukwu

TE - Kurt Rafdal

OL - Will Farrar

DE - Shane Irwin

CB - Caleb Biggers

CB - Damon Cole

CB - Jared Reed

S - Tyreque Jones

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How I arrived at the figure of 39 scholarship football players for Boise State on offense and now 38 on defense and 3 on special teams - who are on campus right now:


Quarterbacks - 4 - Hank Bachmeier (2022 Senior), Taylen Green (2022 RS FR), Sam Vidlak (2022 RS FR), Colton Fitzgerald (2022 RS FR) - True FR Maddux Madsen won't join the team till next fall

Running Backs - 5 - George Holani (2022 RS JR), Tyler Crowe (2022 RS JR), Danny Smith (2022 RS SR), Taequan Tyler (2022 RS JR), Ashton Jeanty (2022 True FR - Enrolled in Jan. 2022)

Receivers - 8 - Stefan Cobbs (2022 RS SR), Billy Bowens (2022 RS SR), Shea Whiting (2022 RS JR), Latrell Caples (2022 RS SO), Cole Wright (2022 RS SO), Kaden Dudley (2022 RS FR), Eric McAlister (2022 RS FR), Jalen Richmond (2022 RS FR

Tight Ends - 8 - Riley Smith (2022 RS SR), Tyneil Hopper (2022 RS SR), Kurt Rafdal (2022 6th year SR), Tyler Eiguren (2022 RS JR), Austin Bolt (2022 RS SO), Russell Corrigan (2022 RS SO), Matt Lauter (2022 RS FR), Austin Terry (2022 True FR - Enrolled in Jan. 2022)

Linemen - 14 - John Ojukwu (2022 6th year SR), Garrett Curran (2022 RS SR), Kekaniokoa-Gonzalez (2022 RS SR), Will Farrar (2022 6th year SR), Cade Beresford (2022 RS SR), Ben Dooley (2022 RS JR), Jacob Golden (2022 RS JR), Dallas Holliday (2022 RS SR), Riden Leong (2022 RS SR), Nathan Cardona (RS SO), Joseph Amos (2022 RS FR), Cord Kringlen (2022 RS FR), Mason Randolph (2022 RS FR), Kage Casey (2022 True FR - Enrolled in Jan. 2022)



Defensive Ends - 9 - Shane Irwin (2022 6th year SR), Demitri Washington (2022 RS SR), Isaiah Bagnah (2022 RS JR) , Dylan Herberg (2022 RS SR), Casey Kline (2022 RS JR), George Tarlas (2022 RS SR), Deven Wright (2022 JR), Andy Nwaoko (2022 RS SO), J. J. Talo (2022 True FR - Enrolled in Jan. 2022)

Defensive Tackles - 9 -  Scott Matlock (2022 RS SR), Keeghan Freeborn (2022 RS SR), Herbert Gums, Jr. (2022 RS SO), Divine Obichere (2022 RS SR), Michael Callahan (2022 RS JR), Jackson Cravens (2022 RS SR), Ahmed Hassanein (2022 RS FR), Cortez Hogans (2022 JR), Braxton Fely (2022 True FR - Enrolled in Jan. 2022)

Cornerbacks - 7 - Markel Reed (2022 SR), Caleb Biggers (2022 RS SR), Jared Reed (2022 6th year SR), Tyric Lebeauf (2022 RS SR), Damon Cole (2022 6th year SR), Kaonohi Kaniho (2022 RS SO), Isaiah Bradford (2022 RS FR)

Linebackers - 6 - Brandon Hawkins (2022 RS SR), D. J. Schramm (2022 RS SR), Marco Notarainini (2022 RS FR), Jai Jones (2022 RS FR), Andrew Simpson (2022 RS FR), Rejhan Tatum (2022 RS FR)

Nicklebacks & Safeties - 7 - J. L. Skinner (2022 SR), Tyreque Jones (2022 6th year SR), Alexander Teubner (2022 RS JR), Jaylen Clark (2022 RS SO), Rodney Robinson (2022 RS SO), Seyi Oladipo (2022 True SO), Zion Washington (2022 RS FR)


PK - Jonah Dalmas (2022 True JR)

P-PK - Gavin Wale (2022 RS JR)

P - James Ferguson-Reynolds (2022 True FR - Enrolled in Jan. 2022)

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With the announcement today that 2022 RS Sophomore Semaj Verner has entered the transfer portal and will not be returning to Boise State the count on defense is now 38 scholarship players.   And an overall total of 80 scholarship players on campus right now (with 11 more to join the team in the fall).

This means there will be at LEAST six more scholarship Boise State football players who will be either leaving the program before next fall or incoming freshmen who will be greyshirted  in the fall (or a combination of both).   Eighty plus eleven equals 91 - NCAA football scholarship limit is 85.