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Outstanding transfer added to Boise State's

Beach Volleyball team.  That being former Austin Peay Beach Volleyball player Marlayna Bullington.  Bullington is joining the Boise State Beach Volleyball team as a grad transfer who was a standout player the last three years for Austin Peay.  She was named the Ohio Valley Conference Player of the Year and was named the OVC Pair of the Year alongside partner Kelsey Mead during her RS Sophomore season.

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Yes. This is all good for Beach VB.  I try to go every year.  I wish they still had the exhibition games with the local colleges.  Allison has taken Beach from sort of a side show of the indoor VB program and made it her own.  It really is an accomplishment.

Other transfers announced today include a pitcher from Arkansas. Jenna Bloom had 119 strike outs this year and should be a big-time addition with Taylor.  Pitching is key to winning.

Also, a new soccer transfer.  Anna Toohey played for SDSU last year, but NC State previously.

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I mentioned Jenna Bloom here on this forum five days ago.  In the thread that begins with "Arkansas graduate pitcher joining Boise State softball".    It's now the 7th thread below this thread here.

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