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Kellen Moore statue, anyone?

I just read this interesting article from Idaho Press, @b-j-rains old job, about installing a Kellen Moore statue at Albertson's Stadium.  Any thoughts?  How about you B.J..?

A Kellen Moore statue is long overdue. Boise State really needs some sort of Hall of Fame plaza outside the Hall of Fame. Chris Petersen and Kellen Moore definitely could be included in statues out by the Lyle Smith statue. Who else would you include?

Would be cool spot for fans to take pictures, learn about the history, etc. before games.

The story was nicely done by Jordan.

I agree, both Kellen and Coach Pete  statues would be great additions outside the Hall of Fame.  Unfortunately, the costs would be high per the article.  Wish we had Bama's budget for a couple of years.  The Athlete's Village and the statues would be paid for in cash....  🙂