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George Holani at NFL Combine today

According to the 2024 NFL Combine schedule today - March 2nd - is the day for the following players to participate at the NFL combine:

Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers, Running Backs

So Boise State's one and only football player who did receive an invitation to this year's NFL combine will be showing what he can do TODAY.

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Out of the 1,745 running backs who have participated in the NFL combine from 1987 thru 2024 George Holani's results yesterday have him among the top 9 percent (154th among 1,745 = Top 8.8 % since 1987).

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I watched some of the NFL combine coverage (recorded it yesterday via my Sling TV subscription and watched it early this morning) and the female commentator who was down on the field mentioned several things about George Holani that I had never heard before.

His parents were born in Tonga.  He was born in Auckland, New Zealand.  His father was a professional rubgy player who had little to no knowledge of American football.

The Holani family - apparently - moved to America (to California) when George was around 8 years old.

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