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BSU Transfer Portal updates:

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I also still don't see Tyson Molio'o or Austin Schultsmeier on the 2023 roster.

According to the players currently listed on the 2023 roster and the new signees who are known to be on campus but are not currently listed on the roster I count 69 scholarship players for spring ball.  But that count of 69 does NOT include Tyson Molio'o (who is NOT currently listed on the roster).  Several people were saying they thought he'd be the starting center next fall.  I hope the fact that he's not currently on the roster is a mistake.

I see Rejhan Tatum is listed on the portal AND on BSU’s roster.  Do we know his status?

Quote from BroncoChief on February 24, 2023, 7:58 pm

I see Rejhan Tatum is listed on the portal AND on BSU’s roster.  Do we know his status?

Yeah, I've mentioned that here several times.   All I know for sure is he did enter the transfer portal.  So his being listed on the current roster APPEARS to be incorrect.

DE Andy Nwaoko has received an offer from Eastern Kentucky (FCS).

Updated to reflect the fact that former Boise State WR Jalen Richmond will NOT be going to Northern Arizona.  He will instead be going the J.C. route by enrolling at Iowa Western Community College.

Updated again to reflect the fact that Elelyon Noa, former RB at Boise State, entered the transfer portal in early March.

Updated again to reflect that former Boise State TE Russell Corrigan has committed to Division II Concordia.

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