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Boise State QB's number 15 and 16?

I  a short video yesterday of the Boise State QB's on the field in their most recent practice and I noticed the QB's on the field had the following numbers

19 - Bachmeier

4 - Vidlak

10 - Green

14 - Peters

15 - ____???

16 - ____???

The only other QB's on the roster are Colt Fulton (listed as # 8) and Colton Fitzgerald (listed as # 9)

Did they both switch their jersey numbers and if so who is # 15 and who is # 16?

Don't know if that was just a temporary thing or if they are changing, but just judging by height in that video:

Colt F. from Santa Margarita would be #15 (6'-4")

Colton F. from Santa Clarita would be #16 (6'-1")

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