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Boise State is 1st team to have

Three players enter the transfer portal this year.

OT - Jacob Golden - Entered the T.P. on August 2, 2022

TE - Casey Kline - Entered the T.P. on August 17, 2022

WR - Jalen Richmond - Entered the T. P. on August 18, 2022

Note that all three are offensive players.

I am sure AA is trying everything he can to keep the players involved, interested, and invested in the Bronco blue collar mentality.  He is giving everybody the shot at earning playing time and to contribute to the team's success.  As I mentioned in the previous post Harsin didn't do the team any favors with playing favorites and not using the whole team.  AA will have to work hard all the time to instill the right team mentality that encourages players to stick around and play hard for the chance to play.

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Yeah - most dudes who transfer are just looking for more playing time, it’s rare for guys to leave Boise for a ‘bigger’ opportunity at P5 or whatever.

Last year,

Sears - still nowhere?

Juergens - Uconn

AVB - Portland State

Fitzgerald - GSU

Verner - UC Davis

You know the culture is good when guys like Skinner, Matlock, and Ojukwu didn’t use their free transfer to go to Auburn or Oregon.

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Golden was dismissed from the team for a DUI arrest, while the other two wouldn't have played this season. Not big losses. I'd expect three walk-ons get scholarships for the fall as a result.


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Make that 4.

Well at least Boise State is leading the nation in SOMETHING................J/K

Which walkons have been most impactful? Teubner no question, right?