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Boise State announces cost, updated plans for Albertsons Stadium and ExtraMile Arena improvements

Boise State unveiled updated plans and a projected cost Thursday for the 'Athletics Master Village' plan originally released in April.

The total cost will be just over $300 million.

An updated north end zone plan featuring 10 field level suites, club seating and connecting seats to the East and West side of the stadium will cost $36.1 million. The full cost to upgrades and enhancements to Albertsons Stadium, many of which were previously announced, is estimated at $129.4 million.

Boise State also showed new plans for ExtraMile Arena, which include two premium club spaces and new premium seating on the side opposite the benches. Previously Boise State announced plans for an expansion of the attached Arguinchona Basketball Complex which will have offices, meeting space and a new weight room alongside the practice gym. Boise State said Thursday both basketball projects would come at a total of $19.4 million.

Here's the full release from Boise State, along with some updated renderings...

From Boise State Athletics:

BOISE, Idaho - Following its launch of the Playbook for Success and Athletics Master Village in April, Boise State Athletics is releasing updated details for the north end zone of Albertsons Stadium and renovations to ExtraMile Arena, director of athletics Jeramiah Dickey announced Thursday.

The update also includes the department's initial project-based cost analysis for the Athletics Master Village, totaling more than $300 million in future projects, highlighted by $129.4 million in plans for Albertsons Stadium. Boise State partnered with AECOM's sports practice — the industry's only fully-integrated sports consultancy — in August 2021, and has worked hand in hand with the firm to identify recommendations for facility improvements and additions since. The latest details are a result of the continued collaboration.

"Since our initial unveiling in April, we have had the opportunity to further define details with key projects which includes a much better understanding of total cost," Dickey said. "While unprecedented and bold, we are unwavering in our vision to create elite facilities and experiences for our student-athletes and Bronco Nation. Our aggressive fundraising strategy is already well underway and we aim to announce progress by the end of this year."

Refined Athletics Master Village Detail
In the north end zone of Albertsons Stadium, the $36.1 million vision for a state-of-the-art facility to be constructed at field level will support an enhanced premium club experience on game day and a year-round dining program for student-athletes. Complete with 10 field-level suites, loge seating, and premium club seating, the north end zone amenities will resemble a commitment to excellence while completing a 360-degree concourse for fans. In total, Albertsons Stadium projects are currently estimated at $129.4 million.

ExtraMile Arena updates include expanding the performance and training capabilities for men's and women's basketball, as well as adding premium game day experience opportunities for fans. An expansion of the Arguinchona Basketball Complex will add coaches' offices and a state-of-the-art weight room alongside the existing practice gym. The $19.4 million project will bring accommodations for two premium club spaces, a dedicated premium entrance and enhanced mezzanine, loge, and club seating.

Boise State Athletics has received $1.25 million in commitments to date in support of the men's and women's basketball performance center expansion in the Arguinchona Basketball Complex.

The recommendation for an Athletics Master Village was introduced to include implementation from all four elements of the department's What's Next Initiative - infrastructure, student-athlete experience, marketability and revenue generation.

The Athletics Master Village arrives on the heels of Boise State's recent launch of the Horsepower Drive for 10,000 BAA members, which includes a goal of 200 Lyle Smith Society members by 2023 and 25,000 football season tickets to be sold by 2025. Fans excited about the future vision of Bronco Athletics are encouraged to purchase season tickets, join the stampede for 10,000 BAA members or review the multiple philanthropic options available through the Bronco Athletic Association.

The Broncos' complete 75-page Playbook for Success is available at Boise State has identified 12 priorities it deemed critical when positioning itself for future successes and sustainability, which are outlined below:

ATHLETICS MASTER VILLAGE PRIORITIES* (Cost-analysis is subject to change)

1 | Heart of the Operation - New Varsity Center - $48.3 M

  • Key Recommendations:
    • Create “Front Door” Experience to Boise State Athletics
    • State-of-the-Art Performance Center
      • New Weight Room
      • New Sports Performance, Health and Wellness Suite
    • New Academic Center
    • New Student-Athlete Nutrition and Dining Center
    • Sport Program Space & Offices: Men’s and Women’s Tennis, Beach Volleyball, Softball, Track & Field / Cross Country, Gymnastics, Soccer
    • Administration Office & Program Support Space

2 | Albertsons Stadium - East & North Stadium Renovations $81.1 M

  • Key Recommendations:
    • Complete ‘Elite’ Stadium Experience
    • Complete 360 Degree Concourse 
    • Add Premium Seating 
      • Blue Turf Field Club, North End Zone Club, Club Seating, Loge Seating, Field Suites
    • New Field Level Concourse
      • New Field Level Restrooms, Concessions and Fan Amenities
    • Expanded Concourse Space
      • Renovated Restrooms and Concessions
    • Grand East Stadium Lobby Entrance with Expanded Circulation
    • Capacity Goal: 40,000+

3 | Arguinchona Basketball Complex $5.5 M

  • Key Recommendations:
    • New Sports Performance Center and Training Room Upgrades
      • State-of-the-Art Men’s and Women’s Basketball Weight Room
      • New Men’s and Women’s Basketball Office Suite
      • New State-of-the-Art Practice Gym Video Board and Live Performance Technology $1 M

4 | ExtraMile Arena $13.9 M

  • Key Recommendations:
    • Premium Seating Renovation
      • New Mezzanine Level Sideline Club
      • Event Level Club Renovation
      • Enhanced Premium Seating Donor Entrance
      • New Club and Loge Seating
    • Opportunity for Future Restrooms and Concessions Expansion
    • Opportunity for Future Grand Entrance Lobby

5 | Olympic Sports Arena $100.3 M

  • Key Recommendations:
    • New State-of-the-Art 5,000-seat Arena
      • Competition Venue
      • New Gymnastics Practice Gym
      • Sport Program Locker Rooms, Coaches’ Offices and Support Space
        • Beach Volleyball, Gymnastics, Soccer, Volleyball
      • Shared Concourse with Indoor Tennis Complex
        • Fan Amenities, Circulation, Restrooms, Concessions

6 | Indoor Tennis Complex $19.3 M

  • Key Recommendations:
    • New State-of-the-Art Indoor Tennis Center
      • Six (6) Courts
      • Shared Concourse with New Olympic Arena

7 | BOAS Soccer Complex & Future Soccer Complex $14.2 M

  • Key Recommendations:
    • State-of-the-Art LED Lighting (BOAS Soccer Complex and Future Soccer Complex - Athletics Master Village)
    • New On-campus Soccer Complex (Athletics Master Village)
    • Program Space Located In New Olympic Arena (Locker Room & Coaches’ Offices)
    • Shared Terrace/Berm Seating & Concessions with New Beach Volleyball Courts
    • Future Video Board Installation

8 | Centralized Football Operations Complex & Upgrades $6.19 M

  • Key Recommendations:
    • Centralize all Football Operations Along the Boise River Greenbelt
    • Relocation of Outdoor Practice Field to Football Operations Zone
    • Expanded Bleymaier Football Center: Offices and Programming Space

9 | Dona Larsen Park $6.5 M

  • Key Recommendations:
    • Dedicated Programming Space: Track & Field / Cross Country (Ed Jacoby Track at Dona Larsen Park)
    • Covered and/or Indoor Hitting Bays (Huber Field at Dona Larsen Park)
    • Turf Playing Surface (Huber Field at Dona Larsen Park)
    • LED Lighting (Huber Field at Dona Larsen Park)
    • Fan Amenity Upgrades
    • Future Video Board Installation

10 | Beach Volleyball $1.4 M

  • Key Recommendations:
    • Competition Court Relocation to Athletics Master Village
    • Shared Terrace/Berm Seating and Concessions with New Soccer Complex

11 | Brand Consistency 

  • Key Recommendations:
    • Updated and Consistent Athletics Branding on All Athletics Facilities

12 | Integration With University Master Plan 

  • Key Recommendations:
    • Design Athletics Master Village to Incorporate Key Principles of the University Master Plan
      • Flexibility to Meet Changing 21st Century Demands
      • Integrate Boise River Greenbelt into Campus
      • Reinforce a Pedestrian Campus Environment
      • Urban University and Good Neighbor 

*Cost-analysis is based on current market conditions and is subject to change. Cost projections not included in scope summaries above include deferred maintenance projections and other miscellaneous improvements.

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football53 and Railroader have reacted to this post.

Both Dickey and Tromp are forward thinkers and have high expectations and standards.  These plans are definitely P5 level improvements that will elevate the university.  The academic progress is also telling as we are recognized as a top 50 innovative university.  Since we do not have a Phil Knight or T. Boone Pickens to finance us it will be an uphill journey to finance these improvements.  The state of Idaho just announced a $1.25 billion dollar, that's right - BILLION, surplus.  It would be nice if they were forward thinking and increased BSU's funding for something like this.  The whole state would benefit, yes, even the Vandulls....  🙂  It is plans like this that enhances our portfolio of the Big12/Pac12 leagues to consider us and it would be smart for the state govt to see that.  I hope Dickey and Tromp can find a way to pull this off.  Go Broncos!

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