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At the risk of being accused of heresy

It's well known that former Boise State quarterback Kellen Moore and the Dallas Cowboys parted company after last season.  Whether Moore was fired or it was a mutual separation is irrelevant.  At that time tho many people - including myself - thought the Cowboys were making a foolish move.  I was sure that Dallas would not fare well with their head coach replacing Kellen Moore and also being their O.C.

I also thought Moore would thrive with the Chargers. now "appears" that the Cowboys - apparently - knew what they are doing.  As it stands right now - after the first two weeks of the 2023 NFL season - the Cowboys are 2-0 and the team that almost immediately signed Moore after he left Dallas, i.e., the L.A. Chargers, are 0-2 with back to back losses to Miami and Tennessee (34-36 & 24-27 respectively).  While the Cowboys have soundly defeated the N.Y. Giants (40-0) and the N.Y. Jets (30-10).

I wouldn't jump the gun yet. Cowboys have a loaded team all around. Arguably the best roster in NFL. You could pretty much stick any play caller on that team and have success. Kellen's biggest problem in Dallas was the lack of playoff success his offenses had. For some reason he could never really find the same success he had in the regular season and replicate it in the playoffs. Each year he was their OC/QB coach (and when Dak was healthy) they were probably the most consistent offense outside of Kansas City in the NFL during the regular season.

On to his short Chargers stint so far: His offense is picking up right where he left off when it comes to putting up big numbers like he did in Dallas. The 2 games they have lost have not been due to him or the offense. Chargers defense is dead last in both points given up per game and yards against per game. Meanwhile Kellen's offense is at least top 6 in every offensive category other than passing yards per game (11th). Also my point is that we need to see bigger sample sizes before making any kind of conclusions. 2 games into a NFL season really tells you nothing.

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I deleted the post you referred to here that you could not delete.  Solely because you wanted it to be deleted.  That's a FIRST - I've never previously deleted any posts made by a Boise State fan.

Back to the topic what I forgot to mention in my first post in this thread is the Cowboys - sans Kellen Moore - appear to be a Super Bowl contender this season.  They aren't just winning they are dominating their opponents.

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Cowboy's offense didn't look so great today. Maybe KM knew what was he doing there!

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